Dille Art

Specialism Art
City Gouda
Address Kuiperstraat 35 | 2801 NR
Email info@dille-art.com
Website www.dille-art.com
Phone Number 06 12 81 63 57
Dille Art - NAARDEN the Art fair
Dille Art is a gallery that mainly focuses on art and applied art from the period 1880-1970. Because Paris was the capital of art in that period and many artists from all countries settled there, we too are mainly focused on France, without losing sight of the rest of the world.
You will see a very diverse collection with us, such as applied art in the typical style of Art Nouveau and Art Deco, but also Cubism, Expressionism, Modernism and other art styles. The connecting factor is the period, the artistry, the beauty and the quality. We are happy to show you!
You are very welcome in our home gallery in Gouda, a piece of Naarden Art Fair at our home!
We would appreciate it if you let us know when you will come, so that we can change the rules. Covid-19 can be properly observed. See you soon!

1: Marcel Goupy (Fr. 1886-1954) - Vaas ‘Paysage’, ca. 1928

2: Léon Indenbaum (Wit-Rusl./ Fr.1890-1981) - ‘Maternité’, 1917

3: Bronzen giraffe, ca. 1920-1930

4: Pablo Picasso (Sp.1881-1973) - Ets ‘Couple et voyageuse’ , 1968